Guangzhou gf is one specialized is engaged in the design and development、Manufacturing and sales in one of the categories products manufacturers,Collection of pure bronze、Copper window、Copper decoration engineering as one of the great strength of the enterprise scale。
Gf metal products co., LTD was founded in guangzhou city1994Years,Is located in guangzhou panyu,Is located in the geographic center of guangzhou Hong Kong and Macao,The transportation is convenient,Transportation developed。The company is one specialized is engaged in the design and development、Sales and manufacturing bronze、Manufacturer of copper staircase handrails and decoration,Now has6000Many square modern workshop and advanced machinery and equipment,Have the independent research and development and high-quality production capacity。The company produces bronze,Selects the high purity copper,Lined with high quality galvanized steel welded mesh skeleton,Fill the green flame retardant materials,Anti-theft performance excellence。Copper surface processing with high temperature paint imported cars,Make its color natural,Light,On the luxurious temperament more add luster。At the same time,The company has been in superb quality,Perfect service,Won the general customers the high praise,And exported to all over the country area and the Middle East and southeast Asian countries。F copper copper steel staircase,In order to“High-end luxury,The emperor is to enjoy”As the brand positioning,Advocate the high-end,Luxury,The noble way of life,Products adopt high quality raw materials to build in the heart,Carefully designed by the teacher,Products exquisite workmanship,Good quality,The design is novel,Each piece of fine details are ablaze with unique brilliance,They are having a unique style,A model of is often leads the way。“Copper and steel ”Brand prosperity in order to adapt to the demand of the market,Combining traditional and modern,Constantly develop innovative products。In the future,We will continue to persistent spirit of pioneering the future of the enterprise,Wholeheartedly for the general customer service。
【01】. The early stage of the communication Our designers will communicate with you,Details about our products,Combined with your actual requirements,For you Reasonable product solutions for professional。
【02】. Tailor After the early stage of the people on both sides of the communication The company will arrange the designers and engineers on-site measurements,Using the field data。
【03】. The design scheme According to the measured data,Our design team will design a variety of solutions for your plan,And with you Face to face communication,Select the best design scheme。
【04】. Sign the contract After submit to determine scheme,According to the intention of cooperation,We will sign a detailed contract with you,Determine the double Party obligations and power。
【05】. Production of the installation The company immediately arrange production,We install the strict quality management system100%Check,According to the The date of the contract,Workers will be on-site installation。
【06】. After-sales service The company will establish perfect customer management information archives,A year to provide free door-to-door service for you,Solution for you Never trouble back at home。
Sales hotline:020-34827436
After-sales service:020-84767133
The ground The address:Guangzhou panyu district NaCun Town
Pit head village industrial zone west line27Number2Building103
The company is a professional engaged in the gate design development、Manufacturing and sales in one of the categories products manufacturers,Specializing in the production of pure bronze,Copper window,Copper and copper decorations on stairs,Welcome to inquire!
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